Monday, November 24, 2014

Just a Little Sparkle

I have been a silver girl for as long as I can remember, but lately I have jumped head-first on the gold-lovin' band wagon!  

I shared with you my fall mantle a couple of months ago, but last week I got the itch to add just a little sparkle and shine.  A last minute something before the day we gather. So, after a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and about 45 minutes of crafting I had this lovely gold, sparkly banner.

Here are the supplies that I started with.

Some scrap canvas (dropcloth of course), gold spray paint, gold glitter, jute, and a set of chipboard letters.  If you are a crafter like me, you probably have most of this in your stash. The only thing I had to purchase were the letters, and they were half off - so I scored some sparkle for less than $3!!

First I cut the canvas into rectangle pieces that were a little bit bigger than my letters. (I really eyeballed the first one by finding the widest letter in the bunch, laying it on top of the fabric, and cutting.)  

Then, I folded a piece in half long-ways, again using a letter as my guide, cut a triangle off the bottom to make the notch.  I used that first piece as a pattern to cut the notches from the rest.

Next it was time for sparkle.

The letters got a coat of gold spray paint, and a generous sprinkle of gold glitter.  If you spray and sprinkle quick enough, the glitter will stick just fine to the wet paint :).

Attaching the flags to the jute is fairly simple.

Apply a thin line of hot glue, and fold the edge over the jute.  Done.  Well, after you repeat this for all the flags.

Then I used hot glue to attach the letters to each flag.

If you've been around here long enough, you know that I don't require anything to be perfect in this house, so no two letters have the same amount of glitter.  I did not take the time to hem the edges of the flags, or even fray check them.  I rather like the raw edges.

So, for 45 minutes and $3 I added just the special sparkly touch my mantle needed!

I'm taking some time off to finish getting ready for Thanksgiving, and to spend time with my college boy on his first visit home!  Praying everyone has a blessed and safe Thanksgiving!!  

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fridays Unfolded Link Party {#135}

It's Friday again!!  YAY!!  Time to party :)

About a month ago, my friend so graciously agreed to pick up some lights at IKEA that I wanted for my kitchen.  They sat in the floor of my kitchen for a week or so, and my hubby asked if we were going to put them in...

I said "I will only start if you promise we will finish before Thanksgiving."  And to that he went to get the ladder and a hammer.

Thankfully we finished with time to spare!  If you haven't seen the reveal you must go check it out! Here is a peek :)

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I'm getting more and more antsy to start crafting and decorating for Christmas, and this post from Tanya at twelveOeight added to my excitement. She shares how to transform villages to a snowy wonderland.

How to Make a Glitter House Village {the easy way} from twelveOeight

Meal planning for Thanksgiving has made me hungry!  If you are looking for a yummy breakfast to serve to guests, or even just your family, these cinnamon rolls from Living the Gourmet sound delicious.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls {with Cake Mix} from Living the Gourmet

If you are like me you probably already have things booked for 2015.  If you need a calendar, or planner, you must check out these cute downloads and printables from Eliza Ellis that she is offering for free!  How sweet is that?!?

Updated Free Printables for 2015 from Eliza Ellis

I love repurposing things so much!  So, I was so excited to see what Mindi from My Love 2 Create did with a few drawers, scrap wood and some casters - brilliant!

Under the Bed Storage, Repurposing Drawers from My Love 2 Create

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kitchen Ceiling and Lighting Details

It all started about a year ago when I decided to finally update our kitchen. {click on over and check out the before pics of the kitchen - even I didn't remember how dark and dated it looked} Not too long after we started, hubby and I took a day trip to Dallas, and of course stopped in at IKEA. New kitchen lighting was on my list, because I knew they had less expensive options. I was leaning towards some sort of track lighting to replace our hideous fluorescent lighting in the kitchen.  And then we spotted these.  

source - IKEA
They were the perfect length, had lots of lights, and a big enough cover in the center to cover the existing holes that I knew would be left behind by the current fixtures. And...the price was fantastic! - $29.99

I wasn't sure about the silver finish, or the super-modern look, but the price and size just couldn't be beat.  The bad news--they only had one in stock that day!!  And, I needed three.  I left very defeated.  I looked into ordering them online, and really the shipping wasn't bad - about the same as gas to drive down there and back, but I just never got around to it.

Fast forward to last month, when one of my precious friends mentioned she was heading to Dallas, and making a trip to IKEA.  IKEA, I said, I love that store, and I told her my lighting story. And then, bless her, she offered to pick up whatever I wanted!!  (Thanks Angela!!) So, that my friends is how I scored my modern-inexpensive-way better than fluorescent- kitchen lighting!!

We first started by ripping out the old.  And we were left with this ugliness.

My hubby decided to remove two of the three lights (which btw weren't working anyway???). And we had this.

I had my plan for the ceiling, but had no idea the sides of the inset were popcorn - ugh. So, rather than scraping that off, or painting over it, I pulled some beadboard from my scrap pile, held it up over the sides and voila!  Perfect!  And it tied in with the beadboard on the backsplash!!

We attached the beadbaord to the sides with a little liquid nails and finishing nails into as many studs as we could.  

From previous planking experience, I knew it was necessary to paint the ceiling for imperfection purposes.  I did not want to see white popcorn in between those boards.

Then we found the ceiling joists and started planking, using the same wood we used on our rustic kitchen island. We nailed the boards into the studs, staggering the sizes of the boards along the way.  

We installed the light fixtures as we went. Mostly because we wanted to see what it was going to look like!!  You know, then if I hated it I could tear it down and start over!  Ha!

When that was all finished...the last board!!

And the lights were all in place

I used some molding to trim out the beadboard, caulked to fill in all the cracks and imperfections, and lastly painted the beadboard and molding.  I used corner round in the corners, and a chair-rail molding around the bottom edge. 

Here is the approximate price break-down for the project:

Three sets of lights + light bulbs - $130
One 4x8 sheet of beadboard paneling - $20
Trim molding - $30
Liquid Nails - $3
Paint - $3 (I used a sample jar because it was such a small area - and because I started with a sample jar that I already had :)).

Not a bad transformation for under $200!! For more after photos check out Monday's post.

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